Why Is Choosing The Suitable Lip Balm Essential?

Your lips require special attention, just like the rest of your face. Many of us avoid applying any products on our lips to prevent the accidental consumption of chemicals or unknown ingredients. That is why choosing a Lip Balm for Dry Lips with natural ingredients that do not have any side effects or are harmful to your body is essential.

Just like your skin, your lips need consistent care. That’s because your lips don’t have sweat or oil glands, which means they don’t get the added protection that your skin’s natural moisture provides. It is also why they are prone to chapping, cracking, and feeling dry. Not to mention, lips are made of the thinnest skin in your body, making them even more susceptible to damage when exposed to the sun or the dry winter weather. 

Making Your Lip Care Routine.

Every other part of your body has its skincare routine to keep them looking fresh and hydrated, so why not your lips?

  • Exfoliate Dead Skin

Just like any other part of your skin, your lips can quickly accumulate dead skin cells and become flakey. It is recommended to gently scrub them with water and dry them off before applying any lip treatment products. Exfoliating your dead skin helps your lip treatment to penetrate deeper into your skin and be more effective. 

  • Hydrate yourself

Drinking the recommended 8-12 glasses of water daily helps your body and your skin simultaneously. By giving your body the required amount of water, your skin will start to feel fresh and hydrated as the minerals present in water help maintain your pH balance and flush out any toxins. 

Consider Lip Balms as your go-to product for whenever your lips feel dry or start to get chapped. Lip Balms come in easy-to-carry containers that can fit in your pocket and bag without even taking any noticeable space, so you can carry them wherever and whenever, regardless of what you are dressed for. Dab some lip balm evenly over your lips, and you’re good to go. Avoid licking your lips when you have applied lip balm over them. 

  • Change your routine

The most important part of your routine is to change your habits. It is easier to avoid chapped and dry lips than to heal them after they are chapped. The easiest way to do this is to use Fresh N Joy Lip Balm daily, and whenever you feel your lips are getting dry, adjust your diet and avoid the elements as much as possible.

How to Choose the Right Lip Care Products?

Luckily, your lip care options are no longer limited to the glitter glosses and chaps ticks of your tween years. Whether you’re eyeing a tint, balm, or stain, it’s best to choose multitasking products that add natural-looking color with a healthy dose of moisture and protection.

As far as ingredients are concerned, a lip balm with sun protection is the ideal choice. When adding and locking in moisture to your lips, look for the usual hydrating ingredients that you typically find in your skincare products. Fresh N Joy has made lip balm choices easy. Our lip balms come in 8 delicious flavors and are all made with natural ingredients. With its beeswax formula, it helps to hydrate your chapped lips and protect them from dryness with all-day nourishing moisture.

Best Lip Care Products to Try

Ready for softer, healthier lips? We’ve compiled our favorite multitasking lip color and flavors; these are available in 8 different flavors 

1 . Lip Balm – Cherry Flavor

2 . Lip Balm – Lemon Honey

3 . Lip Balm – Pomegranate Flavor

4 . Lip Balm – Strawberry & Papaya

5 . Lip Balm – Watermelon Flavor

6 . Lip Balms – Orange Flavor

7 . Lips Balm – Cocoa Butter Flavor

8 . Lips Balm – Peach Flavor