Daily Skincare Routine You Should Definitely Try!

Caring for your skin is as important as looking after your body through a healthy diet. A healthy diet for your skin, however, is a healthy skincare routine. A healthy body looks even better with fresher and good looking skin. Men tend to not take proper care of their skin due to not being as aware as women about the effects of inadequate skincare. Men’s skin tends to be rougher genetically, but being out all day in sun or on a bike can drastically impact their skin. Fresh N Joy is here to help with that. The best ingredients for your skin, and a good skincare routine will help your skin feel rejuvenated and relaxed. The products and the skincare routine Fresh N Joy has for you can be carried out anywhere and with ease. However, being consistent is vital.

Fresh N Joy Daily Skincare Routine:

The order in which your skin needs maintenance varies by the lifestyle you have, but what we need to look at is what, how and when to use Fresh N Joy products for best results. For a good result, you must follow proper skincare steps;

  1. Prep your face:

Properly clean off pollutants and dirt from your face using Fresh N Joy Detoxifying Face Wash. It is excellent for acne-prone skin and invigorates the face with freshness with ingredients that act as a natural antiseptic. This foaming face wash provides deep penetration to skin pores for cleansing and is ideal for oily skin. It reduces dryness and skin irritation. Make sure to apply a thorough layer of Fresh N Joy Detoxifying Face Wash for oily skin and gently scrub it into your skin in a circular motion and apply it evenly across your whole face. After that, wash it off entirely and tap dry with a clean face towel. 

  1. Exfoliate your skin:

This next step involves double-cleansing. Wet your face again and apply an even amount of Fresh N Joy Exfoliating Face Wash for Sensitive Skin. It contains Aloe Vera extract with Vitamin B3, B5 and E. These protect your face from Ultraviolet exposure from the sun. It also helps it heal better while providing the necessary elements for proper moisture retention. After applying, thoroughly rinse your face and tap dry using a clean towel. For people with different requirements and skin types, you can also try Fresh N Joy Skin Lightening Face Wash For Dry Skin with papaya extract which helps exfoliate the skin to the right degree. Another option is Fresh N Joy Neem Face Wash for Acne. It contains cleansing and repairing agents that rid your skin of germs and dirt and help improve any damaged skin and help reduce dark spots.

  1. Moisturize and hydrate your skin:

 Getting the moisture back in your skin is as important as cleaning your skin. To maintain fresh, glowing skin, providing your skin with hydrating and moisture-locking agents is essential. For moisturizing, use Fresh N Joy Pure Glycerin. Glycerin is a natural compound made from vegetable oils that hydrates the outer layer of the skin and provides protection against irritants. It also accelerates the skin’s healing process. Fresh N Joy Pure Petroleum Jelly can be used apart from Pure Glycerin as it’s derived from beeswax that helps provide and lock in the moisture of your skin for the long day ahead. Fresh N Joy Petroleum Jelly comes in two distinct flavors, Rose and Original. For the smoothness and softness of the skin, petroleum jelly is a natural moisturizer. It contains beeswax which is essential for healthy skin. Another benefit of Fresh N Joy Petroleum Jelly is that you can apply it on any part of the skin, including your feet! It provides the healing properties necessary for rough skin and rashes which occur from wearing tight shoes or socks. 

To get the full benefit from Fresh N Joy Petroleum Jelly, regularly use during the day to help keep your face, hands and feet moisturized. Add a small quantity of Fresh N Joy Pure Glycerin or Fresh N Joy Petroleum Jelly onto the tip of your fingers. Apply in a circular motion while making sure the whole area is covered. 

Additional Skincare Tips:

To add to your skincare routine, you can use Fresh N Joy Lip Balm. They come in many different flavors; Cherry, Cocoa butter, Lemon, Orange, Peach, Pomegranate, Strawberry and papaya and watermelon! Formulated with bee wax, it helps to hydrate your chapped lips and protect them from dryness with all-day nourishing moisture. Fresh N Joy Best Cold Cream is also another added option for the best protection from the sun. It comes with vitamin B3, and E brightens your skin and provides intense hydration to protect it from excessive dryness. Its UV protection abilities act as a natural barrier against UV rays from the sun. It helps keep your skin safe from the harmful sun rays when you’re out and about. 

These Fresh N Joy products will always ensure the best skin care result if used consistently. The most crucial part of any skincare is to follow it daily and note the changes. Make sure to use these products before you start your day and before going to bed. Your skin is a priority for Fresh N Joy!