Summer Skin Care Tips For Every One

Summer skin care tips for everyone by Fresh N Joy Pakistan. We know summer and humid weather can be a nightmare for many due to the skin issues caused by excessive sweating and heat. Humid weather can cause clogged pores, irritation, and breakouts, but nothing to worry about, Fresh N Joy has got your back with its best skincare products in Pakistan. Our organic products with some useful tips are going to set your skin game on point this season. 

1. Follow Your Cleansing Routine Religiously

A nice cleansing routine is a must-do, especially during the summer season due for several reasons. It is recommended to go for double-cleansing for extra skincare. Double cleansing is usually confused with washing your face twice with a water-based formula. Double cleansing has the following two steps.

Cleansing With Face Wash

Fresh N Joy has four unique Face Wash that targets different skin types. Check out our article  Best Face Wash That Goes With Your Skin to find out your skin type and which face wash suits you best. Fresh N Joy’s organically made Face Wash is the best cleanser for your facial skin. Its natural ingredients help to penetrate your skin and repair it, giving you fresh and glowing skin.

Petroleum Jelly Blend

The next step is to use our Petroleum Jelly Blend Our petroleum jelly is carefully formulated to look for any damaged skin and repair it. Not only that, it keeps your skin moist and hydrated, giving you super soft skin. Double cleansing will strip off the dead skin and give you polished and primed skin for the day.

Use Appropriate Weather Products

Using thick creams and lotions in the summer does you more harm than good; It is recommended to use products in the summers that allow your pores to breathe naturally. Products that clog the pores can cause acne, pimples, and other skin disorders to break out in the summer especially. Fresh N Joy Pure Glycerin is ideal for keeping your skin moisturized as it is made from natural oils, which helps the body retain its moisture but doesn’t clog pores.

2. Dry Lips Say Summer Disaster

Your lips are just as sensitive to sunlight as your skin is. Summer weather can cause chapped lips and can also cause sores near the edges if they are not appropriately moisturized! 

Use Fresh N Joy Lip Balm since it helps to hydrate your chapped lips. Fresh N Joy Lip Balm comes in 8 different flavors, and all made with 100% organic and natural ingredients. It is specially formulated with bee wax to give your lip the perfect care.

3. Create A Night Time Skin Routine

Caring for your skin during the night is just as important as protecting it when it’s in the sun. We recommend using Fresh N Joy Best Honey Lotion Tube before sleeping. Its natural Honey, Grape Seed Oils, and Vitamin E formula will help your skin regain its natural glow and soften it during the night.

4. Foot Cream Tube

Some areas of the body require extra care, such as the heels of your feet. The harsh summer sun can cause dryness, or excessive sweating causes bacteria and germs to grow on the skin of your feet. Properly washing them and applying Fresh N Joy Foot Cream Tube, which has antibacterial and anti fungal properties, will keep your feet clean and hydrate them to prevent roughness and cracked heels.

5. Heel Cream

If your heels still require extra attention, we recommend trying Fresh N Joy Deep Healing Heel Cream. Not only will it repair dry and cracked heels, but it will also give you immediate relief and will protect them from further damage. With its concentrated thick, rich, and non-greasy cream, your skin will feel fresh and stay hydrated.

Moreover, regularly drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated will help your skin and body stay fresh and healthy. Use these tips and clean your skin regularly to avoid build-up dirt and other pollutants to beat the summer nightmare of bad skin and acne without extreme care.