How Do I Get My Skin Ready For Winter? 

The harsh cold climate and dry indoor air during winter can leave skin in less-than-ideal shape. Caring for skin during winter takes a little extra time and effort because our tender protective barrier can be in poor shape. Skin can get exposed to elements such as: cold air, whipping wind, and strong UV rays. Low humidity is a common issue in colder climates, stealing moisture from the skin every second of every day. While being indoors, our skin is blasted with dry heat.

It might look like a lot of work when caring for your skin, especially in cold winter, but surprisingly, it's effortless. You can easily add it to your daily chores and it won't require much time or hard work. Let us guide you along with 4 simple and effective ways to get your skin ready for winters:

  1. Drink Lots of Water

When it's cold outside, we often forget to drink enough water throughout the day, but this is just when low humidity is most likely to strip our poor skin of its moisture. Therefore, drinking plenty of water ensures that our skin maintains its moisture, and this also minimizes the appearance of fine wrinkles in the long run.

  1. Choose a Cleanser Carefully

Many locally infamous cleansers contain harsh chemicals which can be damaging rather than nourishing. We recommend you try from The Best Face Wash range, which is made with 100% organic and natural products. Each face wash is specially designed for a particular skin type so that you can treat your skin exactly how it should be treated. 

  1. Using a Suitable Moisturizer

Cold air depletes the skin of moisture. Therefore, moisturizing often is the key to keeping your skin hydrated and soft. However, you should choose your moisturizers carefully as moisturizing your skin is one of the most vital elements for your skin to be healthy. We recommend you try Fresh & Joy Cold Cream, which is specially designed to keep your skin hydrated in winter. The cold cream is created with a thick consistency, so it forms a layer on your skin to protect it from getting dry or damaged in such conditions. 

  1. Keep Those Showers Short

Taking long hot showers in winter sounds relaxing, but it is one reason your skin might get dried out further. Not only do long hot shower times dry up your skin, but they also are likely to damage your skin. Your shower time should be between 7-10 minutes, and the temperature of the water should neither be extremely hot nor cold.